Family Violence and Men of Color

Healing the Wounded Male Spirit, Second Edition

Ricardo Carrillo, PhD, PhD (Editor)
Jerry Tello, MS (Editor)


Pub. Date: 8/2008

256 pp., Hardcover

ISBN-13: 9780826111784



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"This innovative book examines an important, timely topic The content will greatly enhance practitioners' and students' understanding and skills in working with men of color."
- Elaine P. Congress, DSW, Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service

"Family Violence and Men of Color is the best book in cross-cultural issues and domestic violence that I have ever read. It is a good combination of literature review, clinical interventions and cultural imagery."
-Daniel Sonkin, PhD, Marriage, Family and Child Counselor

Family violence is an international epidemic that knows no cultural boundaries, but for years research has overlooked the historical, political and cultural factors that often lead men toward violent behavior. The first edition of Family Violence and Men of Color broke new ground by closely examining the relationship between race and family violence.

This revised edition offers an even broader, cross-cultural analysis of male violence and more specialized treatment methods and approaches.

Key Features:

  • Chapters analyzing violent behavioral patterns in each major community of color
  • Three new chapters on the African-American and Maori ommunities, in addition to the Latino, Native
  • American, Asian, and South American communities
  • Culturally-based strategies and models that enhance the efficacy of existing intervention programs for men who batter
  • Integrates clinical, experiential, and narrative approaches to family violence

This text calls for a critical evaluation and transformation of cultural practices that promote violence against women, and will be pivotal in the development of more effective prevention and intervention programs in the years to come.