Clinical Care Classification (CCC) System Version 2.5, 2nd Edition

User's Guide

Virginia Saba, EdD, DSN, DScN, RN, FAAN, FACMI, LL


Pub. Date: 6/2012

280 pp., Softcover

ISBN-13: 9780826109859



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The Clinical Care Classification (CCC) System, a national nursing standard, is a respected resource for documenting patient and nursing care plans for the electronic health record (EHR). It provides a set of standardized, coded patient care terminologies for EHR input in nursing diagnoses and outcomes, as well as in nursing interventions in both acute and ambulatory settings. This new edition of the Users Guide, written by one of the founders of the CCC System, has been modified into an abridged, easy-to-use version to help nurses learn quickly about the CCC System Version 2.5 and expedite their development of CCC-based plans of care. It clearly explains how to use the CCC System, including a description of the CCC model and examples of patient/nursing plans or care templates with their EHR screens and brief explanations.

Key Features:

  • Clearly explains how to implement the CCC Version 2.5 terminologies and protocol
  • Updates, revises, and reformats the first edition of the Users Guide for ease-of-use
  • In use, or soon to be in use, by 100 hospitals including the Veterans Affairs system