Desk copy requests are for instructors who have adopted a title as a required textbook for a course. Once approved, you will receive your book in 2-3 weeks. (Special requests for expedited shipping should be given in the comment field with explanation.)


For questions about requesting eBook desk and examination copies for faculty, as well as eTextbook rental for students, visit our CourseSmart page.


If you have are considering a textbook for possible adoption, please use the Exam Copy Request form.


CourseSmart is a website that provides e-book desk and examination copies to faculty, as well as eTextbook rental for students. Springer Publishing has chosen to partner with CourseSmart to provide faculty e-book desk and exam copies for these reasons:

  • Easy to use and no prior experience with e-books necessary
  • Free for faculty
  • No existing CourseSmart account is necessary, and first-time access of desk and exam copies is simple and painless

Please note that any book available on CourseSmart is also available in print form like all our books.

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