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Monday, April 27 2015

Career of the Week in Healthcare Management: Director of Rehabilitation Services

In this weekly feature, the editors of SpringBoard highlight one career in the health care professions–including a basic description, educational requirements, core competencies/key skills needed, and related web sites and professional organizations where you can find more information!

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@iesa_csic This is published by @SpringerSBM, not us - FYI. Thanks! - @springerpub
@Gozde786 You should direct that question to @SpringerSBM, as they publish that journal. Thanks! - @springerpub
@erin_michalak That's a @SpringerSBM journal, though we understand the confusion! - @springerpub
Women in #nursing make $5,000 less than men. See the full 2015 Nursing Salary Report here. - @springerpub
Appalling: these #antivaxxers are comparing #vaccination to rape. - @springerpub
What happens to people when they think they're invisible? #psychology - - @springerpub
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