Writing DNP Clinical Case Narratives

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Writing DNP Clinical Case Narratives

SKU# 9780826105301

Demonstrating and Evaluating Competency in Comprehensive Care

Author: Janice Smolowitz EdD, DNP, Courtney Reinisch DNP, Judy Honig EdD, DNP


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This portfolio presents intimate case study narratives, providing an in-depth account of DNP best practices for clinical practice. The book covers important topics such as the development of DNP clinical competencies, performance objectives, utilizing evidence-based practice, a DNP approach to adolescent care, caring for the chronically ill, mental health care, adult health care, and many more.

The main purpose of this book is to provide DNP faculty and students with a reliable and detailed guide to use when implementing a format to document care provided. The case narratives presented in this book differ from the traditional case study format: students delineate all aspects of the decision-making process, identify the evidence that supports the decision, discuss the robustness of the evidence, analyze the effectiveness of the clinical decision, and critically reflect on the overall case. This detailed format captures the complexity and details of clinical practice.

Key Features:

  • Incorporates descriptive narratives that help readers understand the complex cognitive processes employed during the provision of care
  • Presents information based on actual patient encounters that include the reasons for selecting the case, assessment, care provided, and outcomes
  • Provides evidence for all decisions made in the portfolio, which is "leveled" according to the Oxford Centre for Evidence Based Medicine
  • Concludes each case narrative with the DNP student's own reflection and analysis of how successfully each competency was fulfilled

Product Details 

  • Publication Date May 20, 2010
  • Page Count 624
  • Product Form Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 13 9780826105301
  • EISBN 9780826105318

Table of Contents 

Section I: The DNP, Comprehensive Patient Care, Clinical Competencies, and Case Narrative Writing.

Chapter 1: The Evolution of the DNPs in Comprehensive Care
Chapter 2: Development of DNP Clinical Competencies
Chapter 3: The DNP Clinical Competencies and Performance Objectives of Comprehensive Care
Chapter 4: Case Narrative Writing
Chapter 5: Utilizing Evidence Based Practice in Case Narrative Writing.
Chapter 6: Evaluating DNP Case Narrative Studies

Section II - DNP Approach and Case Narratives in the Pediatric and Adolescent Population

Chapter 7: DNP Approach to Providing Pediatric and Adolescent Care
Chapter 8: Adolescent with Suspected Sexual Assault
Chapter 9: Adolescent Male with Traumatic Brain Injury
Chapter 10: Neonate with a Rare Congenital Lung Anomaly
Chapter 11: Adolescent Female with Secondary Amenorrhea

Section III- DNP Approach and Case Narratives in Chronic Care

Chapter 12: The DNP Approach to Caring for the Chronically Ill
Chapter 13: Elderly Male with Ketosis Prone Diabetes Mellitus
Chapter 14: Adult Male with Quadriplegia and Chronic Pain
Chapter 15: Adult Male with Chondrosarcoma
Section IV- DNP Approach and Case Narratives in Mental Health Care

Chapter 16: The DNP Approach to Caring for Patients Requiring Mental Health Services
Chapter 17: Adult Male with Online Gaming Addiction
Chapter 18: Spanish Speaking Male with Psychiatric and Polysubstance Abuse Diagnoses Chapter 19: Adult Female with Acute Bipolar I Disorder
Chapter 20: Young Adult Incarcerated Male who Attempts Suicide

Section V- DNP Approach and Case Narratives in Adult Care

Chapter 21: The DNP Approach to Providing Adult Care
Chapter 22: Adult Female with Factor V Leiden mutation
Chapter 23: Adult Female with Multiple Sclerosis
Chapter 24: Adult Pregnant Female with Complex Co-morbid Conditions
Chapter 25: Elderly Male with Catastrophic Brain Injury Following Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery
Chapter 26: Elderly Male with Unstable Angina
Chapter 27: Adult Female with Early Fetal Demise

Section V1: DNP Approach and Case Management in Anesthesia Care

Chapter 28: DNP Approach to Anesthesia Management
Chapter 29: Adult Jehovah's Witness Presents for Anesthesia Evaluation
Chapter 30: Anesthesia Care of a Patient with Unsuspected Atypical Plasma Cholinesterase
Chapter 31: Elderly Female for Total Knee Replacement

A. DNP Resident Admission Order Documentation Guideline
B. DNP Resident On-Service Documentation Guideline
C. DNP Resident Off Service Documentation Guideline
D. DNP Resident Procedure Documentation Guideline
E. DNP Resident Intensive Care Unit Progress Note Documentation Guideline
F. DNP Resident Discharge Summary Documentation Guideline
G. DNP Resident Pediatric Comprehensive Evaluation Documentation Guideline
H. DNP Pediatric Resident Interval Episodic Documentation Guideline
I. DNP CRNA Resident Perioperative Anesthesia Documentation Guideline
J. DNP Resident Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation Documentation Guideline
K. DNP Resident Adult Comprehensive Documentation Guideline
L. DNP CRNA Resident Pre-Surgical Documentation Guideline
M. DNP Resident CRNA Office Based Documentation Guideline
N. DNP Resident CRNA Emergency Consultation Documentation Guideline
O. DNP CRNA Resident Labor and Delivery Anesthesia Documentation Guideline
P. DNP CRNA Resident Post Operative Care Unit (PACU) Documentation Guideline