Working With Toxic Older Adults

Working With Toxic Older Adults

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A Guide to Coping With Difficult Elders

Author: Gloria Davenport PhD


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Older adults, like all individuals, have different personalities and temperaments. According to Dr. Davenport, toxicity in older adults manifests itself in negative behaviors and attitudes that can adversely impact interactions with health professionals, caregivers, and family members. Davenport presents theories and case examples to help us understand this phenomenon and provides useful techniques for caring for toxic elders. A valuable practical guide for social workers, therapists, caregivers, and students.

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  • Publication Date December 23, 1998
  • Page Count 312
  • Product Form Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 13 9780826112231
  • EISBN 9780826117236

Table of Contents 

    Part I. What Do You Mean - Toxic?
  1. Introduction, Definitions, Descriptions
  2. Why the Focus on Toxic Agers?
  3. How Do We Know They’re Toxic?
  4. Are Toxic Agers Found in all Groups?

  5. Part II. Who’s Affected by Toxic Agers and How?
  6. Impact on Professionals
  7. Potential Co-Victims

  8. Part III. What Causes Toxicity?
  9. Introduction
  10. Is Nature the Cause of Toxicity?
  11. Is Nurture the Cause of Toxicity?
  12. Is it Nature and Nurture?

  13. Part IV. Can We Intervene and Cope? Uncover Negative Beliefs?
  14. Some Professional Tips
  15. Strategies ad Techniques

  16. Part V. Is Toxicity Preventable? Is Healing Possible?
  17. Self-Help and Prevention
  18. The Path to Healing

  19. Afterword