Nurses are in a profession that requires them to be supportive and show sincere interest in their patients. As caregivers and educators, nurses take on a variety of roles as they care for patients day in and day out, leading some nurses to physical, mental and emotional exhaustion.

Check out some of Springer Publishing’s titles focused on avoiding burnout and reducing stress so that you and your patients have the best experience possible.

Compassion, Fatigue, and Burnout in Nursing:

The volume addresses risk factors for and manifestations of compassion fatigue, burnout, and other related experiences such as PTS, death overload, collective trauma, and moral distress, and presents strategies to mediate and resolve these issues. The author emphasizes ways in which dissatisfaction influences the quality of patient care and calls for nurses to reinvent their work environments to favor compassion contentment.

"[T]his is an exceptional book and worth the investment for both the novice nurse who wants to proactively recognize compassion fatigue and for the experienced nurse who is struggling with professional quality of life."

    -Journal for Nurses in Professional Development

Workplace Mental Health for Nurse Managers:

The book describes the characteristics of healthcare work environments that promote stress at personal and organizational levels, and their impact on the mental health of individuals working in them. It offers insight into individual and group dynamics and the role of the health care institution, workplace management, and individual employee in fostering both healthy and unhealthy work environments. The book investigates a variety of situations that can erode mental health among coworkers and offers evidence-based improvement strategies for creating healthier, more respectful workplace environments.

The Resilient Nurse:

With the tools from this book, readers will be able to gain the strength and tactics to break the cycles of hostility and workplace negativity, and thereby change the health system and provide better care for their clients.

Yoga for Nurses:

This book, written by a nurse for nurses, presents a series of yoga exercises and practices that will allow you to regain your strength, reduce your physical pain, revitalize your mind, and transform your entire work experience.