This National Social Work Month, we celebrate the contributions of the more than 600,000 tenacious and dedicated social workers throughout the United States. Social workers confront some of the most serious issues facing people, families, and societies and create solutions that allow people to reach their full potential and create a better environment for us all to live in.

Have an interest in becoming a social worker? Below you will find a list of social work fields to explore.

Children, Family and School Social Workers

Children, family and school social workers work with children and families who are struggling with mental or social problems in their homes, in their communities or at school. These social workers generally work in schools and for state programs.

Community Social Workers

Community social workers advance circumstances and provide resources for specific publics. A community social worker will often emphasize on community organization and growth, planning, and social action in order to improve conditions within their communities.

Medical Social Workers

Medical social workers assist individuals and families who are dealing with an illness or health-related issue. They help clients and their relatives navigate an array of topics, including counseling, coping, health education and referrals.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers

Mental health and substance abuse social workers work with persons, groups, couples and families to offer treatment for drug abuse and mental illness. Treatment can involve therapy as well as counseling.

Social Work Administrators, Researchers, and Policymakers

These social workers frequently hold managerial roles and do not work directly with the individuals or groups they are trying to help. They may lead a team of social workers, conduct studies, write grants, or draft policy.

Social work provides a rewarding and diverse employment opportunity, and these are only a few of the available careers out there. For more information on careers in the social work field, why don't you take a look at our book, 101 Careers in Social Work. Let us know in the comment section which one you think is the best for you, or tweet @springerpub and let us know!