Dr. Ken Doka, a leader in the thanatology field and author of Counseling Individuals with Life-Threatening Illness, coined the term "disenfranchised grief." Here, he explains how he formulated this concept and how it manifests in individuals and society.

About the Book:

This holistic, family-centered guide to counseling individuals with life-threatening illness considers not only the physical manifestations of the illness, but its psychological, social, economic, and spiritual implications. Revised and updated to reflect the most current research and enhanced theoretical development, this second edition encompasses new therapies that enhance meaning-making at life's end, and offers expanded sections on counseling families during the illness and as they grieve. One of the book's most significant changes involves the adaptation of a model of concurrent care. This model of care has great implications for end-of-life care, bridging the divide between treatment that is primarily palliative and treatment that seeks to cure or extend life.