In our continuing observance of National Public Health Week, we wanted to highlight some of our fantastic titles in Public Health. There are so many wonderful books in the program, it was hard to narrow this list down. This is merely a sampling of the titles we have, so make sure to head over to the Public Health section after you read this post to see what else our authors have written!

Introduction to Public Health, Second Edition - The second edition of this comprehensive text discusses a variety of new trends in public health, particularly regarding primary care and public health partnerships.

"More than just another preliminary textbook, this comprehensive introduction for those who are new to the field of public health weaves together its values, goals, and practices into a lucid introductory text." —Sally Guttmacher, PhD

 101 Careers in Public Health, Second Edition- In just the past few years, interest in public health careers has soared. Public health degrees are more popular than ever—but what opportunities are out there once you’ve earned that MPH? And do you have to have to have a degree in public health to break into this field? This updated and revised second edition of 101+ Careers in Public Health provides an extensive overview of the numerous and diverse career options available and the many different roads to achieving them.

“First rate advice.” -American Public Health Association

Health Promotion and Aging, Seventh Edition – Completely reorganized for ease of use, the seventh edition of this text promotes healthy aging by demonstrating how to prevent or manage disease, and make large-scale improvements toward health and wellness in the elderly population. The book now also includes key terms and learning objectives at the start of each chapter along with health-promoting tools, resource lists, assessment tools, illustrations, checklists and tables.

Behavioral Intervention Research - Written for Masters and Doctoral-level courses as well as novice and expert researchers in this area, this unique text provides comprehensive coverage of developing, evaluating, and implementing novel behavioral interventions in service and practice settings.  The text provides abundant case examples from successful behavioral intervention trials that illustrate key concepts.

 I applaud [this] book for providing a much needed overview of the entire “behavioral intervention pipeline.” It fills a unique niche in its coverage of key theoretical and methodological aspects as well as its case examples and professional development considerations, which makes the content accessible and practical for a broad audience.”-Marcia Ory, PhD -From the Foreword

Biostatistics for Epidemiology and Public Health Using R - Since the programming language R appeared in 1996, it has become increasingly popular as an environment for statistical analysis and graphical output. This is the first textbook to present classical biostatistical analysis for epidemiology and related public health sciences to students using the R language.

Global Population Health and Well- Being in the 21st Century - Drawing on current research and the knowledge of world-renowned leaders in public, global, clinical, and social health in both developing nations, this text delivers an evidence-based analysis of 21st-century challenges in global population health. In this text Dr. Lueddeke emphasizes an imperative to adopt a “One World, One Health” view that recognizes the interdependence of humans, animals, plants, and the environment.

“This is a remarkable, much-needed book that fills a significant gap in the health and social care literature in the early decades of the 21st century—public, global, clinical, ecological. It is powerful, ambitious, comprehensive, and sweeping at the same time that it is visionary, focused, and deep. Its power and passion are about the potential of population health and well-being optimally applied around the globe to help in creating a world that is healthier, safer, more just, and more sustainable.”Barbara K. Rimer, DrPH, Alumni Distinguished Professor and Dean, UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Community-Oriented Health Services - This text describes foundational community health concepts and procedures and presents proven strategies for engaging communities as resources for their own health improvement. The book is unique in its integration of environmental and social justice issues as they significantly affect the advancement of community health.

Social Work with Immigrants and Refugees, Second Edition- The leading textbook on social work with immigrants and refugees, this is the only book to address the intersection of legal, policy, and advocacy issues, in addition to the clinical skills needed to help these populations. This second edition has been updated to reflect key policy changes at the state and federal levels affecting social work with immigrants and refugees.

“This text is a great tool toward raising awareness of the many issues immigrants face, and helping them find solutions.” Frank Sharry, Executive Director, America’s Voice

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