What comes to mind when you think of jobs in Public Health? In today's post celebrating National Public Health Week, that's exactly what we want to talk about. What sort of different jobs are there? How do I even go about getting a job in the field?

Well today is your lucky day!

There are so many career options for someone with a degree in public health. In fact- according to Beth Seltzer, MD, MPH, author of 101 Careers in Public Health, Second Edition- there are more than 100!  And while we won't go into details on all 101 careers, we're going to give you an overview on what sort of careers you can expect when you pick up the book! We're also offering you a special opportunity to download a free chapter on the job search process from this best selling title. If you click on this link, your free chapter awaits!


Public health is such a broad topic, that it's no wonder there are so many different career paths to follow. From environmental health nurses  to bio-statisticians, and toxicologists to hydrologists and everything in between, there is a job for everyone who has an interest in working in public health. People who work in public health keep us safe, whether you realize it or not. You can be involved at an agency level, like the Center for Disease Control for example, or at a community level, like your neighborhood pharmacist where you pick up your antibiotics. The number of jobs in public health only increases with each passing year, as does the number of public health programs accredited by the Council on Education of Public Health.

If you think you're interested in a career in public health, make sure to take a look at 101 Careers in Public Health, Second Edition. Working in this field can be so rewarding, and can help propel us towards the APHA's goal of becoming the Healthiest Nation by 2030!

Happy Public Health Week!