Springer Publishing Company is proud to announce the publication of its first eBook sampler, which is free to download and includes excerpts of each book in the popular Psych 101 Series.

The Psych 101 Series offers short introductions to cutting-edge topics in psychology, and is directed at students of psychology and anyone interested in the field. Popular titles include Creativity 101, Giftedness 101, Humor 101, Anxiety 101, and Emotional Intelligence 101, to name a few. The eBook sampler includes the introductory pages and first chapter of each of the eleven titles published in the series so far.

Watch our videos with authors of books in the Psych 101 Series!


What is Personality’s Influence on Life and Romance?

Gorkan Ahmetoglu, Co-Author of Personality 101


What are the Myths of Giftedness?

Linda Silverman, Author of Giftedness 101


Watch more of our Psych 101 video interview series here. And listen to our podcast with Dr. Moshe Zeidner, co-author of Anxiety 101:

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