Edwin CabigaoWe all have our humble beginnings. Mine started almost 15 years ago when I moved to San Francisco. I was having a difficult time then in San Diego and a friend, who I barely knew, invited me to visit this beautiful city to have a vacation. Unemployed and having no savings, I used the remaining credit limit on my card and bought myself a ticket. I saw a nursing home on my first day here and decided to apply. To cut the story short, I was offered a job and moved here to start a new life. This new life included sleeping on my friend's couch for a few months, suffering the cold weather with no heater, and saving every cent to be able to come up with a deposit for a studio apartment.

At first, I struggled as a staff nurse in a nursing home. I was nervous, lost, and completely green. In time, I worked my way up to Assistant Director of Nursing, Director of Nursing, District Director for 12 nursing homes in the Bay Area, and currently, Chief Nursing Officer for the second largest Skilled Nursing Facility in California, Jewish Home of San Francisco.

I have always wanted to be different. I yearn to grow beyond my role as a ‘floor nurse’. I wanted to be in an environment where I could flourish, excel, and create a different meaning to what nursing truly means. Long-term care administration allowed me to do all that. I realized that learning through experience is the best way to learn. Application to actual situations and producing great results and positive outcome is key to effectively becoming a practitioner and manager in long-term care.

9780826195678The book Long-Term Care Administration and Management: Effective Practices and Quality Programs in Eldercare is a collaborative effort of experts in the field of long-term care. Every page and fiber came from the skills, knowledge, and experience of people that did not just study long-term care management academically, but practiced it as well. Whether you are a student interested in practicing in long-term care, or you are already working in assisted living, skilled nursing facility, home health, or any other areas – this book will serve as an effective tool. Like a map, the book will let you see the ‘big picture’ in long-term care and will let you realize how one part connects with another area. In addition, it will give you a clear direction as to where you need to go and how you need to proceed. Finally, the book highlights not just basic information about long-term care, but most importantly, it also provides effective practices that produce the best results.

As a practitioner and manager in long-term care, I am fortunate to have the rich experience that I have had all these years. However, I feel even more fortunate to be able to share what I have learned through this book. My hope is that the book not only teaches but also challenges every individual to look beyond whatever profession they have and continue to make a difference in long-term care.