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Why we need to prioritize nurses’ mental health, and how to do it.

How we rediscover precious memories and feelings through the clothing of those we love.

Nurses play an important role in caring for teens’ mental health, and why it’s especially important now

Statistics may not always be fun, but author Manfred Stommel explains why understanding statistics is so important for nurses and health professionals.

Author Judith Herrman reminds us that we were all teenagers once, and healthcare professionals need to remember that teens aren’t another species in order to take care of them

In Part II of Nurses and Parkinson’s Disease, author Susan Penner assesses the costs of the disease on the US healthcare system.

Teaching med-surg nursing seems difficult, but here’s the authoritative guide and toolkit to help you do it!

In Part 8 of 11 Blog Posts on AgingBea Larsen reflects on the life of her mother-in-law, finding common ground where it was unexpected.

Noteworthy News

The anti-vaccination campaign is being embraced by Robert F. Kennedy, and the vaccination debate heats up. Keep an eye out on SpringBoard for our upcoming post on vaccination.

The demand for nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and pharmacists is skyrocketing under ObamaCare.

Research suggests that more cases of throat cancer, especially in middle-aged men, are being caused by HPV.

Economists have proposed an interesting analogy about employer-sponsored health insurance. The Supreme Court disagrees.

A new study shows that nurse interventions in the care of patients with chronic illnesses make a big positive difference.

Mothers dying in childbirth seems like a relic from the past, but it still happens in the US. One nurse shares her story.

Your brain's responses may be based more on your past experiences than on what's in front of you. #mappingthebrain

Vasectomies may increase men's risk of the most lethal form of prostate cancer, but there's no clear reason why.

Just for Fun

This woman had an epic dance party before her double mastectomy.

14 Everyday Things Nurses can do better than you

Funny Things Nurses and Doctors Write or Say

Food for Thought

A story on the perspective gap on hospital care between patients and doctors and nurses.

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