The Reviews Are In!In this monthly feature, we collect a few excerpts from reviews of our books.  Here is a sampling of our January book reviews:

Evaluation of Health Care Quality in Advanced Practice Nursing by Joanne V. Hickey, PhD, APRN-BC, ACNP, CNRN, FAAN, FCCM; Christine A. Brosnan, DrPH, RN

"This is a wonderful resource that fills a true gap in the literature. This is a topic that needs more exposure and more emphasis in the field of advanced practice nursing. The value of evaluation in healthcare quality will be seen in the outcomes of healthcare improvements." Score: 100, 5 Stars--Doody's Medical Reviews

Obesity 101 by Lauren Rossen, PhD; Eric Rossen, PhD

"This resource is an exciting new book that features a balanced perspective about one of the most talked about topics of this would be a great resource for those who are interested in joining the fight to eradicate obesity and obesity-related consequences."--Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior

Fast Facts for the School Nurse: School Nursing in a Nutshell by Janice Loschiavo, BA, MA, RN, NJCSN

"Fast Facts for the School Nurse is a comprehensive guide to school nursing. It compiles any and all information a new school nurse could possibly need, all in one easy and accessible place. This guide is, as promised, a way to quickly glean needed information about confusing and unexpected situations that may arise in the course of duty as a school nurse."--Advance for Nurses

Essentials of Correctional Nursing edited by Lorry Schoenly, PhD, RN, CCHP-RN; Catherine M. Knox, RN, MN, CCHP-RN

"Essentials of Correctional Nursing is the first new and comprehensive text about this growing field to be published in the last decade. Fortunately, the editors have done a great job in all respects...This book should be required reading for all medical practitioners and administrators working in jails or prisons. It certainly belongs on the shelf of every nurse, physician, ancillary healthcare professional and corrections administrator."--Corhealth (The Newsletter of the American Correctional Health Services Association)

Devastating Losses: How Parents Cope With the Death of a Child to Suicide or Drugs by William Feigelman, PhD; John Jordan, PhD; John McIntosh, PhD; Beverly Feigelman, LCSW

"[The] Feigelmans initiated the broadest and most conclusive survey data collection project regarding parent survivors. The result is the most current and comprehensive understanding of parent suicide survivors to date, with survivors ranging from the newly bereaved to those whose loss was well over a decade ago. This fact alone would ensure Devastating Loss's designation as an essential resource for mental health professionals, suicide survivors, and grief experts around the world. However, there is additional value in this work which is far greater than just the data collection."--American Association of Suicidology