I vividly remember how much I loved to hear stories when I was young. I still remember many of those stories because there was an element in the narrative or a personality attribute in the character to which I could relate. Many times I remember being able to experience the emotions and feelings of the characters in the story. Those emotions ran the gamut from proud to happy, all the way to terrified and sad.

Becoming a nurse sometimes elicited the same feelings for me. As I learned to be a nurse, I realized that I was becoming part of people’s lives and their stories. Their stories became important to me, not just because it was my job but also because I wanted to help them and be a positive part of their stories. I remember many of the patients and families that I have been in contact with and have been privileged to care for over the past 30 years. Some of their stories were amazing. They are stories of hope and courage.I also remember very clearly how it felt to be a student nurse and how overwhelming it was to assimilate all the content, procedures, and skills needed to be competent in the real world. That educational process was also a story, one that involved my classmates and instructors who, now as I look back, all encouraged and challenged me to finish nursing school and become a lifelong learner in nursing.

The unfolding case study book series — including titles such as, NCLEX-RN Excel: Test Success Through Unfolding Case Study Review, Fundamentals of Nursing Test Success, and Maternal-Child Nursing Test Success — were born out of my love for stories. These books make stories come alive for nursing students! They use storytelling in unfolding case studies format to make information about the lives of nursing students and patients and families they care for memorable. The best part is that the nursing student is learning valuable content as they enjoy the stories. The stories reinforce the classroom content in a unique way because they infuse names, feelings, and decision-making into the situations to make the content more personable than the usual lifeless words attached to paper or an electronic resource.

Becoming a nurse was wonderful, and it filled my life with thousands of stories about people and learning experiences. So these books are a take-off on those stories and I wrote them down to share my experiences with nursing students everywhere who will, before long, have their own stories to share.