Nursing recruiters often hear “what would radiology need a nurse for?”

The easy answer to that question is “to provide quality patient care while supporting the imaging or procedural needs of the patient”.  The comprehensive answer to that question, is clearly answered in Fast Facts for the Radiology Nurse!

After years of exploring many types of nursing specialties (emergency, telephone, pediatric, administrative, etc.) I wanted a change.  An astute recruiter steered me towards our organization’s radiology department.  I was suddenly clueless.  Patricia Benner’s Nursing Theory of Novice to Expert, surely took me in an abrupt, opposite direction.  I was immediately out of my comfort zone and in desperate need of evidence based resources.

There was little in the literature about radiology nursing issues back then, although there was a nice cross over from other specialties being that most patients will at some point in their care, come through the imaging department.  Although I began with the Association of Radiology and Imaging Nursing, I moved on to networking with other specialties such as oncology, pediatrics, emergency, surgery, vascular, etc.  It was still a challenge, to find the connection from other specialty publications to how they would further my knowledge in this emerging specialty of radiology nursing.

Radiology nursing was a severely under-published area of nursing practice.  Coming from a background of emergency nursing and other specialties, I was accustomed to a plethora of literature.  When I encountered a clinical situation which posed critical questions, radiology lacked the wealth of available articles such as the other specialty areas offered.  Over the years, bedside clinical issues that needed an answer turned into the reason behind my published articles.  If the group of nurses I worked with had these issues, surely nurses everywhere might as well.  I came to learn that the nurses who work in radiology are committed to bringing together many variables for the greater good of each patient.

Fast Facts for the Radiology Nurse brings together the bedside expertise of 13 contributors and over a dozen manuscript reviewers – voices from different practice settings, far corners of the country, and different educational backgrounds.  While the book is small, every word is carefully selected to provide the reader with the most valuable information in the most concise manner.

Radiology nursing is the best place to practice. It brings together every type of nursing one may have experienced (or wish they had experienced!) and mixes it with the latest technological advances in imaging.  Each day is different, and it is vital to remember that behind every image is a patient with a story.  This book will surely help those nurses, especially the “new to radiology” nurses, expedite their progress along Benner’s Novice to Expert path!