In this weekly feature, the editors of SpringBoard highlight one career in the health care professions–including a basic description, educational requirements, core competencies/key skills needed, and related web sites and professional organizations where you can find more information!

Job Description

The Director of Physician Relations directs and oversees programs designed to foster positive relations between physicians and the hospital or healthcare facility. The director promotes the organization among members of the medical community in order to establish partnerships and affiliations. The Director of Physician Relations is responsible for planning and implementing outreach efforts focusing on physicians, community groups, and other potential referral sources in the hospital’s target markets. The position primarily focuses on developing and improving hospital referral relationships with physicians in the service area, with the goal of maximizing referral and redirection opportunities for both inpatient and outpatient services.

Education and Experience

Directors of Physician Relations are required to possess a bachelor’s degree in business, healthcare administration, or a related field; a master’s degree is generally preferred. Most candidates for the Director of Physician Relations have 3 years of progressively responsible experience in hospital marketing or business development.

Core Competencies and Skills

  • Outstanding interpersonal skills including the ability to effectively communicate with persons both inside and outside the organization
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong leadership and consensus building skills
  • Must be familiar with physician relations data management systems
  • Skilled at enhancing communication between community physicians and hospital specialists
  • Proven ability to monitor needs and respond to concerns of community physicians
  • Demonstrated skill at relationship management promoting clinical services, programs, and facilities in order to enhance referral volume and ensure the success and growth of the hospital
  • Experience at communicating with current and potential referring physicians, enhancing awareness of hospital offerings,identifying provider issues, monitoring and reporting on referral trends, and serving as a general customer contact for referring entities
  • Proficient in developing and maintaining computerized databases
  • Ability to build and manage budgets


Directors of Physician Relations earn in the range of $64,000 to $124,000, although the total salary will vary depending on the size and location of the hospital, and the education and experience of the candidate.

Employment  Managing the relationship with physicians is an important activity at every hospital. Given the changes envisioned by health reform, there is no question that effective Directors of Physician Relations are going to be in high demand in the near future.

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