Nurses make a great difference every single day to patients, doctors and medical facilities all around the world. That is why it is so important to take the time to celebrate these accomplished nursing professionals for their part in patient care. At Springer Publishing Company we will be celebrating Nurses Week by taking 25% off all nursing books and upon purchasing the deal of the day, you will receive an extra $5 off.

There are so many wonderful books in our program, it was difficult to narrow this list of recommended gifts down. This is merely a sampling of the titles we have, so make sure to head over to the Nursing section after you read this post to see what else our authors have written.

Fast Facts Series:

Springer Publishing invites you to delve into our bestselling Fast Facts series of concise reference books for nurses in a variety of nursing settings. These six selected titles deliver core information used by a variety nursing professionals including instructors and clinicians. Fast Facts books are packed with timely and accessible information in a personal and easy-to-read format.

NP Pocket Series:

The NP Pocket Series is an easy to use, quick-reference guide for nurse practitioners and other healthcare providers in emergency, medical, screening, fast-track and/or primary care settings with patients. Concise yet packed with crucial knowledge, The Guide is arranged in a logical head-to-toe format that includes the history and physical examination and essential medical decision-making considerations.

Cherry Ames Boxed Set:

The boxed sets detail fictional tales of our beloved heroine, Cherry Ames, a girl with a heart of pure gold and a true yearning to make a difference in the world.

At eighteen-years-old Cherry Ames leaves her hometown and enters nursing school, embarking on a lifetime of adventures. Follow Cherry through the introductory four-book set as she grows from student nurse to chief nurse, all the while making friends, pushing the limits of authority, leading her nursing colleagues, and sleuthing and solving mysteries.

Family Practice Guidelines:

This is a comprehensive family practice resource for primary care clinicians, providing current national practice guidelines for a high-quality standard of care for patients across the life span in outpatient settings. It includes individual care guidelines for adult, child, pregnant, and geriatric patients; health promotion and dietary information; procedure guidelines; national resources; and comprehensive patient teaching guides.

 "Family Practice Guidelines is an excellent resource for the busy clinician. It offers succinct, comprehensive information in an easy format that is particularly useful for quick reference. This text is useful for general practice settings as well as specialty care."

                    -Anne Moore, APN; WHNP/ANP-BC; FAANP, Vanderbilt University