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This year, the American Journal of Nursing named eight of our books as winners of the 2014 AJN Book of the Year awards in their respective categories. Thanks to our nursing authors, Springer Publishing had more individual books honored this year than any other winning publisher, and tied for the most awards won by a single publisher. This weekly feature showcases our winning authors and their outstanding titles. Comprehensive...
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Whenever I sign off on an email I include the phrase, “take care and care well”. I started doing this about 4 years ago primarily in my sign offs on emails to the clinical staff — it was my small way of acknowledging and supporting the good work they do everyday. All clinicians strive to do their best in every patient care encounter but when their best is under-informed, that impacts not only the patient’s experience of care but also the clinician’s experience – the experience...
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Posted on December 5, 2013 by Sandra Cole | 0 comments
Late preterm infants are so often misunderstood. People tend to view them as little versions of full term infants and therefore expect them to thrive without any interventions, just as older gestation infants would do. My goal as the author of a new title, Breastfeeding Challenges Made Easy for Late Preterm Infants: the Go-To Guide for Nurses and Lactation Consultants,...
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