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E. J. R. David and Kevin L. Nadal, author and contributor of Springer Publishing Company's Internalized Oppression: The Psychology of Marginalized Groups, examine internalized oppression in the gay community through David Thorpe's acclaimed new documentary, Do I Sound Gay?, released on July 10th, 2015. Written by Kevin L. Nadal & E. J. R. David Do...
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Internalized oppression describes the psychological burden members of marginalized groups feel after a history of suffering discrimination and injustice. Dr. E.J.R. David, PhD,  editor of  Internalized Oppression The Psychology of Marginalized Groups, discusses his experience with internalized oppression and community programs that help people dealing with internalized oppression.   My...
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In your mind’s eye, picture the following scenarios: A black woman in Nigeria bleaching her skin. A gay man in the United States going through reparative or conversion therapy to cure himself of homosexuality. A Korean woman getting surgery so that she can have a “fold” on her eyelids and be more attractive. A young man with autism...
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