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Posted on December 10, 2014 by Avidan Milevsky | 0 comments
This blog post was authored by: Dr. Avidan Milevsky As an adolescent researcher and clinician, I often receive calls from concerned parents seeking my advice about how to deal with their belligerent teen. The phone exchange usually follows a similar trajectory: after describing the egregious behaviors of their teen, the parent asks if I can meet their child and determine if their offspring is just being a teenager or if the problem is more serious. I usually respond by helping...
Posted on July 10, 2014 by SpringBoard | 0 comments
Whether we work with teens, encounter teens in our community, or live with teens in our home, we are frequently energized, enthused and challenged by teens and their thoughts and behaviors.  Rather than seeing teens as “another species,” nurses, other health professionals, and anyone interfacing with teens should remember that we were all teens once and that the teens today will be the adults of tomorrow.  As stated by Margaret Mead, “the solution of adult problems tomorrow depends in...
Posted in: Nursing