Motivational interviewing, or MI, is a technique used by counselors to get their clients to understand their problems and work to a better future. Dr. Andy J. Frey, PhD, co-author of Motivational Interviewing in Schools: Strategies for Engaging Parents, Teachers, and Students, talks about using motivational interviewing in school settings.


Significance of Motivational Interviewing in a School Setting


Using MI with Parents in the School Setting


Using Motivational Interviewing with a Teacher in the School Setting


About the Book

One of the greatest challenges for mental health and other professionals in school settings is to get students, families, and staff willing to partake of and engaged in their services. This is the first book on applying motivational interviewing (MI)-a powerful, evidence-based technique for facilitating behavior change-throughout the school environment to help psychologists, counselors and other school-based professionals to improve the effectiveness of their practice.

About the Author

Andy J. Frey, PhD, is Associate Professor at the Kent School of Social Work at the University of Louisville. He is the author of over 30 book chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles and serves on the editorial board of Children and Schools. His primary interest areas include positive behavior support, social and emotional competence in preschoolers, early intervention, and the provision of school social work services. Dr. Frey has a developmental grant from IES to integrate MI consultation strategies with the First Step to Success program. As part of this project his team has developed protocols for training school personnel to use MI with families and teachers and for monitoring implementation fidelity.