At the 2012 American Counseling Association (ACA) conference in San Francisco, we were able to sit down with Springer Publishing Company author Shannon Hodges to discuss his recent title 101 Careers in Counseling.

Below are excerpts from the interview, but you can view the full interview on our YouTube Channel:


SpringBoard: What’s the history of the Counseling Profession?

SH: It all goes back to 1952 when four different organizations, none of which had the term “Counseling” in their title formed the American Personal & Guidance Association – that became the American Counseling Association.  So we have roots that go back more than fifty years…

SpringBoard: What’s the overview of the Counseling profession today?

SH: The American Counseling Association has over 50,000 members in nineteen different divisions…and the similarity is counseling but there’s a lot of different features of counseling…if you ask a lot of people they’ll say wellness is our foundation and they’re right, but in addition to wellness we have to do these other things just like social workers and psychologists do for insurance reimbursement, so counseling is many things at this point!

SpringBoard: Where will a Counseling student find their profession in 10-20 years?

SH: They will find their profession in ten to twenty years fully in the adult version.  As a profession Counseling is in early adulthood, but mental health counseling and even some of the others are growing so rapidly and the jobs are out there – we have licensure in all fifty states and major territories, they can find their career in any state and by that time overseas because we’re an international profession.   We are all over the globe.  We’re in places as diverse as Saudi Arabia and Singapore…so the outlook for the profession is very, very bright.

SpringBoard: Where there any careers that surprised you?

SH: Yeah…one of the more interesting ones that you’ll hear about a lot in a few years is genetic counseling.   It’s kind of a combination of counseling as well as that within the STEM fields of science and technology.  So it’s really an interesting marriage which means you need to have both sets of skills, that’s one you’ll hear a lot about in the future.

SpringBoard: How has the book's reception been so far?

SH: Interesting…I’ve had people write and ask about it…Word has gotten out and people are asking me about it because it’s been advertised before it was published, so I’ve had a lot of people asking me about it…

SpringBoard: What key ideas do you want a reader to get out of your book?

SH: You have got to get out of the book that two things are critical for your success.  Number one, you have got to work with people who are different than you are, visibly different, culturally different, sexually, ethnically, religiously, geographically, and so forth.  Because if you cannot do that you cannot be successful.  So multiculturalism and the affirmation thereof and the ability to work across lines, that’s one.  Number two: We’re in a global environment and that will be more so in six to ten years…Because of the Internet and the way that’s driven the global economy, people who are in our field as counseling or counselor educators may be working overseas and willingness to do that or form partnerships overseas are going to be critical to your own success.

SpringBoard: Why did you decide to publish with Springer Publishing Company?

SH: Interestingly enough, I had published a book with ACA and been very happy but I wanted to publish a book on practicum internship but ACA didn’t really see a place for that, but I had bumped into former acquisitions editor and she liked the idea…Springer, as you know, has the 101 Series they wanted to write one on Counseling because of the growing field…the other thing about Springer is that they’ve been flexible and great to work for.

SpringBoard: What are you working on right now?

SH: I’m working on a book with a colleague from Niagara, a former student…on college university counseling centers.  And part of it is talking about what the traditional services and programs are as well as what’s different in this 21st Century age and what are the different expectations.


Shannon Hodges, Ph.D., LMHC, NCC, ACS is an associate professor of Counseling at Niagara University. He has almost 20 years of experience counseling in community agencies and university counseling centers. He is the author of several books, including the bestselling A Job Search Manual for Counselors and Counselor Educators: How to Navigate and Promote Your Counseling Career (American Counseling Association), The Counseling Practicum and Internship Manual: A Resource for Graduate Counseling Students (Springer Publishing Company), book chapters, journal articles, poetry and essays.