101 Careers in Counseling

Contents derived from the book "101 Careers in Counseling" .

DESCRIPTION: Counselors have long provided services related to counseling. A recent popular service that many counselors offer is meditation. While a divorce lawyer counsels only one of the marriage partners, a mediator assists both husband and wife. The mediator's task is to help the couple discuss and agree on division of their property, custody of their children, and other divorce-related issues. These negotiations are designed to avert a costly, stressful, and time-consuming court dispute by settling the terms of the divorce before the case goes to court.

EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Currently, there are few graduate programs in mediation, so mediators come from many fields, such as law, social work, business, criminal justice, and counseling. Master’s degree in a counseling field is optimal. However, there is no licensing procedure for divorce mediators.


  • Must be ‘grounded’ professionals able to manage conflict
  • Recognize and refrain from any biased behavior
  • Clearly and firmly establish ‘ground rules’ for mediation sessions


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