Since 1976, National Rehabilitation Awareness Week has been celebrated annually across the United States. This observance, falling on the third week of every September, promotes the value of rehabilitation, highlights the capabilities of people with disabilities, salutes the professionals who provide services to this community, and renews our commitment to meet the needs of people with disabilities.

The celebration is organized by The National Rehabilitation Awareness Foundation, whose mission is to educate people about the benefits and impact of rehabilitation; develop programs which aim to increase opportunities for the nearly 50 million Americans with disabilities, and help those who are disabled live up to their fullest potential.

Rehabilitation helps minimize physical or cognitive disabilities, and restore those affected by potentially disabling disease or traumatic injury to health and productivity. It is effective for a myriad of people, including spinal cord injury victims; professional athletes; employees with work-related injuries including carpel tunnel syndrome; infants with birth defects; incontinence patients; stroke victims; cancer survivors; Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Cerebral Palsy and Parkinson patients; those recovering from surgery (particularly hip, knee and shoulder); heart attack patients; accident victims; and amputees, among many others.

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Universal Design as a Rehabilitation StrategyThe Psychological and Social Impact of Illness and Disability, 6eAssistive Technologies and Other Supports for People with Brain Impairment