Today marks the 20th anniversary of National Aboriginal Day in Canada. Every year on June 21st, Canadians celebrate the unique heritage, cultures, and contributions of the indigenous peoples that helped to make Canada the country it is today. It coincides with the summer solstice, which is a day of cultural importance in many cultures. Specifically, it is an important day in the Inuit and Metis communities, which are considered the First Nations of Canada.

Springer Publishing Company is proud to be able to contribute to the celebrations by publishing Introduction to Aboriginal Health and Healthcare in Canada.Named a 2013 Prose award winner in nursing and allied health sciences, this textbook is the only entry level book to address the current state of knowledge in the field of aboriginal health. Published in 2013, it is written by a leading researcher in the fields of First Nations and Inuit Health, Vasiliki Douglas. She integrates historical, social, and clinical information with concrete examples and case studies to provide a basis for professionals to approach aboriginal clients in a way that will both respect their worldviews and retain their own professional style.

Vasiliki was kind enough to sit down with Springer to discuss why this book is so significant. You can (and should!) watch the video here.

We hope that all who are taking part in celebrations have a great day!