A new Springer Publishing Company survey reveals high tablet and smartphone use among behavioral and health sciences professors. The annual survey polled about a thousand participants on their ownership and usage of smartphones, eBook readers, tablet computers, apps, and social media.

Among survey respondents, 69% owned a smartphone, 45% owned a tablet computer, and 42% owned an eReader. Tablet and eReader ownership rates were particularly high, and about double that in the general population, in which 25% of adults own a tablet and 19% own an eReader¹. The tablet and eReader rates of ownership among survey responders also jumped from last year’s survey, in which 33% reported owning a tablet, and 32% an eReader.

Participant use of eReaders versus tablets for reading eBooks was strikingly split, with about 44% citing an eReader as the device on which they primarily read eBooks, and about 44% citing a tablet. As with last year’s survey results, the most popular eReader was overwhelmingly the Amazon Kindle (63% of eReaders owned a Kindle). Correspondingly, the Amazon Kindle Store was, by far, the favored eBookstore (65%), distantly followed by the Apple iBookstore (22%).

Of all eBook readers, 34% purchased an eBook for professional use in the past six months. Use of professionally oriented apps were more common, with 44% of all survey participants indicating that they had downloaded or installed professional applications in the past six months. As for social media use, Facebook proved to be the most popular platform, with 68% of responders reporting usage, followed by YouTube (56%) and LinkedIn (54%).

“Survey results revealed several interesting findings,” commented Pascal Schwarzer, the Vice President of Digital Business Development at Springer Publishing Company. “For example, although, as expected, the Amazon Kindle store was the most popular eBookstore, survey findings also show that more survey responders are purchasing eBooks from the Apple iBookstore than the Barnes and Noble Nook store, which was not necessarily expected. Additionally, although a recent comScore report shows that Android has about 54% of the U.S. smartphone market and Apple has about 34%², our survey results suggest about the opposite among the behavioral and health science community, with 57% of smartphone owners owning an iPhone, and 33% owning an Android.”

View the full survey and its findings.