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School To Prison Pipeline: As Sec. Duncan Issues Proposals, New Titles from Springer Publishing Tackle Juvenile Justice Crisis

(NEW YORK, NY) – September 30, 2015 – Throughout the United States, the criminal justice system is in crisis. Increasingly, experts concur that the prevailing emphasis in schools and juvenile courts on punitive treatment of adolescents has created a “school-to-prison pipeline” that ensnares youth within the juvenile justice system, rather than preparing them to remain in or reenter society. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, on September 30, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will tackle this crisis in a speech proposing a major shift in spending from incarceration of young offenders towards education.

Springer Publishing Company, a leading publisher of print and digital books in social work, psychology, and beyond, has released two new books calling for a new approach to these serious social crises: The School-To-Prison Pipeline: A Comprehensive Assessment, by Christopher A. Mallett, PhD, JD, MSW and Turning the Tide of Male Juvenile Delinquency: The Ocean Tides Approach, by Lawrence C. Grebstein, PhD, ABPP, and Judy A. Van Wyk, PhD.

Said Mallett: “Secretary Duncan’s welcome proposals reflect the reality that compelled me to write this book: the devastation that overly punitive treatment of children and adolescents in schools and juvenile courts has wrought on our most vulnerable communities. Zero-tolerance policies have failed the youth they were intended to protect, and the time is long overdue to prioritize rehabilitation and education over juvenile court involvement and incarceration.”

Said Stephanie Drew, Acquisitions Editor, Social Work and Psychology at Springer Publishing: “Mallett, and Grebstein and Van Wyk, have each done a profound service to the debate over juvenile justice reform, offering not just analyses of the scope of the problem, but also research-based solutions. These two titles continue our commitment to publishing timely, provocative, and insightful works on the complex social issues affecting communities throughout the United States, and how to address them.”

The School-To-Prison Pipeline is the first truly comprehensive assessment of the “school-to-prison pipeline”—a term that refers to the increased risk for certain individuals, disproportionately from minority and impoverished communities, to end up ensnared in the criminal justice system because of excessively punitive disciplinary policies in schools. Written by one of the foremost experts on this topic, the book examines school disciplinary policies and juvenile justice policies that contribute to the pipeline, describes its impact on targeted—both intentionally and unintentionally—children and adolescents, and recommends a more supportive and rehabilitative model that challenges the criminalization of education and punitive juvenile justice. The book is a vital resource for undergraduate and graduate students of social work and criminal justice as well as for juvenile court and school personnel and policymakers.

Based on a landmark study of the Ocean Tides rehabilitative program, Turning the Tide of Male Juvenile Delinquency constitutes a groundbreaking, how-to roadmap for developing and implementing an effective rehabilitative program for delinquent youth. The authors have culled information from sociology, psychology, criminology, and social work to explain why juveniles commit crimes and have developed strategies toward rehabilitation that directly address the causes. Analyzing data that spans 31 years from a large study of youth offenders that incorporates information from multiple sources, they describe in detail how this model residential treatment and education program provides a viable alternative to youth prison.

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