Millions of Americans suffer from depression each year. Dr. C. Emily Durbin, PhD,  author of  Depression 101, discusses popular misconceptions about depression, rate of depression diagnosis,  and her thoughts on the new DSM-5 guidelines for depression.


Misconceptions of Depression


Is Depression Really On the Rise?


The DSM-5 and Depression Diagnosis


About  Depression 101

Depression, often referred to as the "common cold of psychopathology," is among the most prevalent psychiatric conditions, yet it remains challenging to understand and treat. Depression 101 provides a reader-friendly overview of unipolar and bilpolar depression and provides the most current and intriguing scientific knowledge on this topic. Unique in its transdisciplinary and lifespan approaches to depression, the text explicitly integrates models of depression across childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.


About the Author

Emily Durbin, PhD, is Associate Professor of Psychology at Michigan State University and an expert in the developmental psychopathology of mood disorders. Her main areas of research and publication include the etiology of depression, comorbidity between mood and personality disorders, risk for depression in young children, assessment of depression, course of mood disorders, and personality risk for depression. She has contributed chapters to two scholarly handbooks on depression, Handbook of Depression, and Handbook of Depression in Children and Adolescents. She also edited the Association for Psychological Science's Current Directions in Abnormal Psychology, 2nd Edition.