The other day I was working in the clinic when a nurse practitioner (NP) presented a case to my colleague. It was a relatively straight forward case: a young male presented after a night of excessive drinking and had one episode of coffee ground emesis. The NP’s plan was to put in a nasogastric (NG) tube and lavage. If there was blood he would admit, otherwise the patient would be discharged. My colleague disagreed and thought the patient should be admitted and have IV protonix and be scoped in the morning by GI. They bantered back and forth and the debate became heated. Both were adamant in their position as based on their teaching (one was east coast trained, the other west coast). I finally chimed in and asked, what does the evidence say?

Evidence almost always holds the answer. This is why we created the book Convenient Care Clinics: The Essential Guide to Retail Clinics for Clinicians, Managers, and Educators. While I was Medical Director of Target Clinics, I realized that the hardest part of being a clinician was making the diagnosis and connecting with the patient. The most accurate diagnosis and treatment plan with no connection or engagement to the patient, is guaranteed to result in failure. This is why we made this guide; to be a clear and concise manual to treating the most common chief complaints seen in retail care clinics. A clinician should not have to spend time deciding what the drug of choice is or what the first line antibiotic choice should be – this is what research is for. This is what the guide is for and thousands of articles and texts were reviewed in making this manual. I have always believed that the hardest job of the clinician is to make the patient comfortable with the plan and to buy in to the treatment plan. This guide allows for more time and energy doing this part of the job.

So I encourage all clinicians currently working in a Convenient Care Clinic (CCC) or contemplating working in a CCC to read this guide. It will make you a more effective and efficient provider.

We are glad to have you be part of the retail revolution and would love to know your thoughts on our book or the industry as a whole.


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