Nursing The Ultimate Study GuideBelow are ten key NCLEX Tips taken from NURSING: The Ultimate Study Guide that will help you prepare for, and pass, the NCLEX:

1. Practice, practice, practice! Buy an NCLEX book as soon as possible and start reading the material. Practice the NCLEX questions; this will help you with both exams and preparing for the NCLEX.

2. Don’t wait until the last minute to begin studying. Take the review course offered by your institution and begin studying soon after graduation.

3. Get more than one study guide with practice CDs. Buy several or exchange them with friends. The more questions you answer, the better.

4. Before reserving a date to take the exam, it is best to score 80% or higher on the practice exams. This will prepare you better for the NCLEX and the format of the exam.

5. Come up with a study schedule. Remember to take a break frequently; trying to absorb all the information at once can be overwhelming. Take each chapter one at a time and focus on the material you don’t understand.

6. The day before the exam, try to relax, and do not study. Take the time to do something fun or enjoyable. Drive to the test location to plan out the time you will need to get to the test center.

7. The day of the exam, eat a proper breakfast. Arrive at the test center early. Arriving late can forfeit your opportunity to take the exam.

8. After the exam, you are going to find yourself in a state of anxiety whether you passed or not. The test is already submitted and there isn’t much that you can do, so relax and wait for the results.

9. If you do not pass the first time, it can be devastating. Take a couple weeks off, then begin studying again. Do not book your next test date until you are receiving a score of 80% or better on the practice exams.

10. Last but not the least, you have completed your nursing program, which means you already are a success. The NCLEX is just another step toward your main goal. Stay confident, and before you know it, you will be working on the unit.