Dr. Linda Wilson and I have been leading daylong Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) review courses for over three years. We have traveled the entire country presenting a course based on our book, the Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) Review Manual. Each time we meet wonderful nurse educators. Dr. Wilson and I are always amazed at the experience and the enriched knowledge base our conference participants share with us. Nurse educators are not only a very engaging group of participants, but they are also a fun group to be with for a daylong conference. They are very willing to share their experiences and they share so much great information about different active learning activities, curriculum innovation, and career enhancement. We always learn something new about nursing education each time we present.

Since the daylong course is based on the CNE Review Manual, the participants frequently come with the book in hand. The manual was developed to give an overview of the Core Competences for Nurse Educators, published by the National League for Nursing (NLN), and uses an outline form to highlight the main points that may be on the certification test.  The manual was developed as an adjunct to the information produced by the NLN and many nurse educators have found it very helpful. Dr. Wilson and I continuously receive emails from former participants that are so excited they have passed the test! Some of the success tips we have learned along the way include:

  • Start a study group with your peers and have each educator present a chapter
  • Do the questions on the NLN website and at the end of each chapter
  • Schedule your test during your least hectic semester (if possible)
  • Schedule your test then start studying so you hold yourself to a timeline

We feel that the book, which is in its second edition, has really been a blessing because it has been an instrument through which we have met hundreds of wonderful nurse educators who are striving for excellence to best benefit their students and patients!


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