book reviewsIn this monthly feature, we collect a few excerpts from reviews of our books.  Here is a sampling of our September book reviews:

Generating Middle Range Theory: From Evidence to Practice by Callista Roy, PhD, RN, FAAN

"As expected, this book is complex but it is also engaging, thought-provoking, and exciting because it helps nurses and other readers think deeply about meeting the needs of patients at their most vulnerable moments." --Doody's Medical Reviews


Leadership and Management in Nursing Test Success: An Unfolding Case Study Review by Ruth A. Wittmann-Price, PhD, RN, CNS, CNE; Frances H. Cornelius, PhD, MSN, RN-BC, CNE

"This will be very helpful to students studying leadership and management for the NCLEX. The questions are pertinent and well written, and they cover a wide range of topics. This review is a worthwhile resource for student preparation." --Doody's Medical Reviews


Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Symptom Validity Assessment and Malingering by Dominic Carone, PhD (Editor); Shane S. Bush, PhD (Editor)

"Overall, this text is excellent, beautifully formatted, and contains many chapters on mild traumatic brain injury that would prove helpful to professionals working in this field. While the text is probably most suited for a graduate level class in a university curriculum, I think it would be an excellent resource for the practicing professional's library--the forensic expert, the life care planner, or the rehabilitation counselor."  --The Rehabilitation Professional


Solution Building in Couples Therapy by Elliott Connie, MA, LPC

"This brief volume presents the basic premises of solution building, liberally enriched with examples. This is a remarkable book, the first of its kind, radical in its message, written about couples but also suitable for all manner of referrals."  --Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries


Transcultural Nursing Theory and Models: Application in Nursing Education, Practice, and Administration by Priscilla Sugar, EdD, RN

Transcultural Nursing Theory and Models: Application in Nursing Education, Practice, and Administration is a must read for the nurse currently practicing. National and global changes in demographics, a changing global economy, have further dramatized the need for culturally competent nurses. I found this book to be what I had hoped for and more related to my understanding of the concept of transcultural nursing (TCN)....I would highly recommend this book to any nurse who is looking to deepen her understanding of the many diverse cultures she encounters at the bedside, or out in the community using components of the theory, models and assessment guide presented in this book."  --Advance for Nurses