book reviewsIn this monthly feature, we collect a few excerpts from reviews of our books. Here is a sampling of our December book reviews:




trauma counselingTrauma Counseling: Theories and Interventions by Lisa Lopez Levers, PhD, PCC-S, LPC, CRC, NCC (Editor)

"[Lisa Lopez Levers's] work delivers an important contribution to enable beginning professionals to be familiarised with the basics of trauma and to provide specialists with her hidden gems of insight. Her decision to cover trauma, in its broadest sense, allows her textbook to provide innovative insights into real-world concepts such as: hate, racism, oppression and evil, in respect to trauma."—Intervention


ff for developing a nursing academic portfolioFast Facts for Developing a Nursing Academic Portfolio: What You Really Need to Know in a Nutshell by Ruth Wittmann-Price, PhD, CNS, RN, CNE

"[A] great guide and resource for a nurse at any level who wishes to construct and present a professional nurse portfolio."—Journal for Nurses in Professional Development


Compassion fatigueCompassion Fatigue and Burnout in Nursing: Enhancing Professional Quality of Life by Vidette Todaro-Franceschi, PhD, RN, FT

"[T]his is an exceptional book and worth the investment for both the novice nurse who wants to proactively recognize compassion fatigue and for the experienced nurse who is struggling with professional quality of life."—Journal for Nurses in Professional Development