Springer Publishing Company recently attended the 5th annual 2012 Doctors of Nursing Practice conference in St. Louis, MO. Nurses from all over the country attended this conference. This year’s keynote speakers were: Marie Annette Brown, PhD, RN, ARNP, FNP, FAAN, DNP Pioneers: No Turning Back, Margaret Rhoads Scharf, DNP, PMHNCNS-BC, FNP-BC, PMHNP, DNPs Changing Nursing Education, and Launette Woolforde, EdD(c), DNP, RN-BC, Evidence Based Nursing Education and the DNP: A Message for Nursing.

Several of the workshops included: Practice Management Skills, Building Health Information Technology Capacity, DNPS Changing Nursing Education, and A Patient Centered Medical Home Care Delivery Innovation that Improves Outcomes. For a complete list of workshops and presentations, click here.

Several Springer Publishing authors were in attendance. Stephanie Ahmed and Linda Andrist, authors of DNP Education, Practice, and Policy were in attendance. Friday afternoon, Ahmed and David G. O'Dell, DNP, FNP-BC presented the following workshop: DNP Agenda Revisited: Past and Future of Professional Growth. Barbara Anderson, co-author of Best Practices in Midwifery, was also in attendance. Anderson, with Deborah Karsnitz, DNP, CNM, presented Using Organizational Theory and Leadership to Make Evidence-Based Decisions in DNP Practice, Friday afternoon.

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Margaret Zuccarini with Barbara Anderson


Stephanie Ahmed and Linda Andrist