Noteworthy News

-          4 sites to refresh your nursing job search

-          Made us laugh

-          "What did you do this week, Google? Oh, we founded a company that might one day defeat death itself."

-          Mental health is again an issue in gun debate

-          Can a sniff and a nibble stop kids from overeating?

-          A protein in the brain could hold the key to reversing "senior moments" of forgetfulness

-          Caregivers will be in much shorter supply in 2026

-          Google Glass is finding its way into operating rooms

Just for Fun

Nursing humor:

Nursing Meme 1







Nursing Meme 2








Nursing Meme 3









Hot Off the Press

-          "Leadership thrives in uncertain times" – Wise words from Dean Mary O’Neill Mundinger of Columbia University

-          Collaboration between police officers and victim advocates is needed to help survivors of rape

-          WATCH: Key tips for universities to help bereaved college students

-          Introducing our Psych 101 Series Sampler

-          After Rebecca Sedwick's suicide, suggestions on what you can do to create a community free from bullying

-          12 Years After 9/11, take a day to remember the day that changed us forever

-          The drastic changes in security and disaster preparedness in a post-9/11 landscape

-          3 Key Tips For Healthy Aging: A must-read blog post from Dale Carter

-          Health care is shifting from inpatient to outpatient settings - What you need to know

-          Our author, Dr. Gitlin, is offering an online class in dementia management

Did You Know…

-          Turns out, editing Wikipedia pages can get you med school credits at the University of California, San Francisco

Food for Thought

-          "I secretly wish my elderly mother would die" - how would you handle this haunting thought?

-         Should doctors be compensated for end-of-life discussions with patients?