Hot off the Press

-       8th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina: Looking forward to a brighter future

-       What can counselors can learn from the Cleveland kidnapping case? A fascinating interview with our author on Counseling Today

-       Recent sex trafficking arrests mark a step in the right direction

-       4 benefits of online health communities in chronic care management

-       Today’s girls face contradictory and often impossible cultural expectations

-       Fighting to bring the soul back to teaching nursing

-       VIDEO: What is Healthcare Hotspotting?

-       Incorporating the study of Aboriginal health into the classroom

-       How to deal with a life-threatening illness

-       Demos Medical announces the release of the Ultimate Q&A Review for Neurology Boards App

-       How can nurses become fiscal stewards?

-       Nurses: How do you know when it's time to move on from a job?

-       15 inspiring TED talks every freshman must watch

-       10 things to NEVER say to a nurse

Noteworthy News

-       What counts cannot always be counted: a study of mortality rates in hospitals

-       Salaries nurses make in 2013

-       There's an epidemic of poor dental hygiene in nursing homes

-       Living well and learning the language of pain

-       The psychological aspects of whistle-blowing

-       Progress has been made in the fight against childhood obesity

-       What the "Woman Who Ate Cutlery" can teach us about affordable, accessible mental-health care

-       Seniors are the fastest to adopt social media in U.S.

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Reasons to be nice to your nurses...

Be Kind to Nurses








The importance of communication...

The importance of communication...










Nurse skills

Nurse skills







The life of a social worker

The life of a social worker








Did You Know?

-       Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov coined the term "gerontology" in 1903 to mean the study of aging and longevity

-       James Derham, the first African American to formally practice medicine in the US started out as a nurse?

-       Greek physician Hippocrates theorized that mental disorders were of a physical, rather than divine, nature.