Celebrate: February was a month for celebration. We celebrated our presidents and their wise words of wisdom on healthy living. We celebrated Black History month, the beauty in aging and the improvements in quality of life for African American children. We celebrated love on Valentine’s Day, but mostly a therapist’s major Valentine’s Day Fail. Some didn’t survive V-Day intact, you say? Well, lucky you, our counseling series has you covered.

Fact and Fiction: The facts and fictions of drug addiction rehab programs. Cancer deaths are down, but here’s the rest of the story. The celebrity of brain chemicals, dopamine, is linked to feelings of pleasure. But its stereotype as the “pleasure chemical” can’t conceal its unsexy side. DSM-5 loses Roman numerals and gains depression, but our authors want to know: Is it considered to be an improvement? The growing population of aging baby boomers is causing concern, from Connecticut’s ‘Silver Tsunami’ to our author’s prediction of a ‘population explosion of Graying Latinos.’ New study shows that Chinese parents are more likely to lie to their kids.

Award Season: We didn’t hit the Grammy’s or the Oscar’s this month, but our book did make a splash at the PROSE Awards, and we announced our Top 10 Books of 2012. And our latest book detailing experiences of nurses in war is compared to the work of the famous Florence Nightingale.

Humor: Nurses: They take care of you, and they can make you laugh. We asked you to submit your favorite nursing jokes and we’ve picked the top 13 nursing jokes. Also, Cherry Ames embraces Twitter.

Technology: Feeling sick? Odds are, Google already knows. After monitoring what users say on social media, Google Flu Trends can predict flu outbreaks well before your doctor. But don’t worry, CDC. Google’s real-time results won’t completely eliminate your jobs. A recent study shows that over half of Smartphone owners (52%) gather health information on their phones. And “For the Win”: More health care companies are turning to gamification to incentivize patients to stay fit.

Innovation: EMDR therapy is revolutionizing the treatment of soldiers with PTSD. Our author uses strengths-based nursing care to create “a new way of thinking about nursing care.” And a stroke of Einsteinium genius: The prescription for better nursing and less burnout is mandating shorter shifts. Simple, eh?

Initiative: ADEC Conference offers grief counseling workshop for Spanish-speakers for the first time. A video Q&A with our author, Dr. Selina Smith, explores how community-based participatory health research can bring power back to the people. Georgia State Senator Unterman leads Lobby Day to raise awareness of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of children.

Inspiration: Cancer patients turn to poetry when faced with the inexpressible issues of mortality, fear and hope. From New York to New Orleans, survivors of the storm reflect on past hurricanes. New mantra: Hit a Brick Wall, Congratulations. Survivor couple advocates for the bereaved in new book and " target="_blank">film.

Food for Thought: Should flu shots be required for hospital employees?