Nursing Educator

  • Nicole M. Brown, a registered nurse, nurse educator, Army veteran and doctoral candidate, is striving to positively develop a child’s perception of nurses. She states, “I think when too many people think nurse, getting sick or being hurt comes to mind,” Nicole added. “But I hope to teach kids at a young age that seeing a nurse is a good thing. It means they’re getting well.” Nicole further added.”
  • A new clinical toolkit, offered by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, will help reduce alarm fatigue whether you’re a direct care nurse, educator, advanced practice nurse or leader.
  • Nurse educator Diane Yeager’s advice to other nurse entrepreneurs: “Surround yourself with positive people who understand what you are doing.”
  • Nurse leaders are at the forefront of patient engagement efforts
  • Leading Alabama nurse educator Marsha Howell Adams takes helm as president of National League for Nursing
  • An inspiring answer to a common question from Professor Benda Walker-William of the University of Missouri-Kansas City:

                What do you love about being a nurse educator?

“I love being among students who are  serious and motivated about coming into nursing gives as it gives me hope for the future profession of nursing. I feel like I am contributing to them and their knowledge, their ability to take care of myself, family members, or other persons who might be entering into the healthcare arena. I feel like this is my way of giving back, passing on some of my pearls of wisdom for those who are interested and want to know”