• Nursing EducatorTaura Barr, a 31-year-old nursing professor already on a tenure-track, speaks to the benefits of entering and staying in academia: “The position I have right now is really flexible,” said Barr, a mother. “And I can do the kind of research I want to do, and when I want to do it. Not a lot of people can say that.”
  • A lack of mentorship can lead to poor nurse retention, which in turn, hurts facilities’ bottom line. The proof of good mentoring at work.
  • New fellows were announced who will be inducted into the National League for Nursing’s Academy of Nursing Education!
  • About three years later, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation looks at the effects of a powerful 2009 Johnson & Johnson advertisement to recruit and retain more nurse educators. Centered on inspiring calls to action such as, “Take the time to inspire one mind, and you might inspire a thousand more,” the ad raised visibility of the shortage but members of the campaign acknowledge that the end of a nursing shortage is still a long way off.


“A third edition of the book was necessary to keep up with the velocity in which online learning environments change," Rietschel explained. "It is a major revision from the previous version that updates readers on the understanding and application of learning theory, including cutting-edge technologies, blended learning and new areas on the role of staff development education."