A new survey reveals key findings concerning the use of tablets, eReaders, and smartphones within the nursing community.

One of the survey’s key findings is that among this group, the majority of which are nurse educators holding advanced nursing degrees, 74.6% own a smartphone or tablet computer, and almost half, 41.5%, own an eBook reader, with the Amazon Kindle easily out-pacing the Barnes & Noble Nook with a 61.4% adoption rate versus 16.8%, respectively. Although most of those who own an eBook reader have not yet purchased nursing or medical eBooks, 31.4% have. In addition, a slight majority (53.6%) of those owning smartphones have downloaded or installed nursing or medical applications. The survey also polled participants on their social media use and found that 68.4% of responders use Facebook (the leading platform), with 37.3% on LinkedIn and only 10.7% on Twitter.

“These findings indicate the rapid growth of mobile technology use among those in the health care industry, as well as the growing demand for eBooks and mobile applications that serve the professional development and reference needs of nurses,” commented Pascal Schwarzer, the Vice President of Digital Business Development at Springer Publishing Company.

The survey was conducted by Springer Publishing Company, which polled more than one thousand nurses on their ownership and usage of mobile devices, their preferences for nursing and medical apps, and their social media use. To view the full survey and its findings, visit http://springerpub.com/NursingSurvey.