Google GlassIt’s been a few weeks since I was selected to be a Google Glass Explorer and ever since my brain has been humming with thoughts and ideas on how nurses could utilize the technology. How could nurses improve the care they deliver? How could HIPAA be a non-issue?

Informational Purposes

One of the biggest ways that a nurse could benefit from Google Glass is easy access to information. Without having to take her hands off a patient or excuse herself from a procedure a nurse can easily locate health information. Need the interactions for a medication, ask Google Glass and it will instant appear on your screen for your eyes only.

Improved Communication

Imagine if every nurse in the hospital had Google Glass and it was integrated into the call-light system. If your hands are gloved and dirty it’s not a good idea to answer that phone on your hip. But if you glad Google Glass you could easily answer and complete the conversation. You could also receive text updates via the screen.

What About HIPAA?

There is always a concern of HIPAA when new technology is introduced into patient care. If Google Glass are personal devices then there is an obvious reason for concern. This can be eliminated if they are owned by the healthcare organization and are encrypted on the hospital network. Initially the device would likely work best for information purposes. Later EMR documentation could be integrated so long as there was a perfected way to make sure that patient information went to the correct location.

As technology improves and become increasingly more available, healthcare is going to have to step up to the plate. In the not-to-distant-future, technologies such as Google Glass won’t be an oddity at the bedside, but rather the expectation.

  • What are you thoughts on Google Glass?
  • Do you think it can help to improve healthcare?
  • How would you use Google Glass if you had it?

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