For students about to embark on the NCLEX-RN and in need of an extensive test prep reference, we know of a book that is unlike all other fundamental review books.

Fundamentals of Nursing Test Success uses unfolding case studies to simulate real-life learning, a first in NCLEX-RN test prep books. It reviews foundational concepts in nursing to provide the learner with memorable situations and promotes reflection and clinical decision-making. The text incorporates all types of NCLEX-style questions into the unfolding case studies to facilitate exam preparation.

How knowledgeable are you on fundamental NCLEX-style questions? Take a look at the case study below and see if you can answer some of the corresponding sample questions.

Case Study Excerpt: Connor

Connor is a second degree student who has returned to school to be a nurse due to life-altering family circumstances. Connor’s older brother died from ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, sometimes called Lou Gehrig’s disease). Connor was in awe of the nurses who helped him and his family care for his brother and vowed that after his brother’s death he too would become a nurse to help people. Connor finally met all the prerequisite courses and is now in the Fundamentals of Nursing course. He realizes that there are many skills that he needs to learn in order to be a nurse, but he did not realize that understanding the health care environment in which he will function is so complex. Connor listens attentively in class because he has been hearing much about “health care reform” on the news and is curious about how it will affect his role as a nurse.


1. Exercise: Multiple Choice Question

The major force driving health care reform in the United States is:

A. Patient advocacy

B. Primary care provider billing

C. Immigrant populations

D. Health care costs

eResource 3-1: To learn more about the history of Health Care Reform in the United States, visit the Kaiser Family Foundation website:


2. Exercise: Fill-in

Do not resuscitate (DNR) is a term that is being replaced by an AND or _________.

There are many other levels of care that patients can interact with in the health care system and nursing. There are now six levels of care defined.


3. Exercise: Ordering

Place the levels of care in order from preventative care to continuing care.

                  Preventive care

                  Restorative care

                  Primary care

                  Tertiary care

                  Secondary care

                  Continuing care

Connor knows that, in the scheme of things, people seek health care at different places. Some places are inpatient and some are out patient.


4. Exercise: Select All That Apply

Rehabilitative services include:

❑ Occupational therapy

❑ Physical therapy

❑ Social service

❑ Speech therapy

❑ Spiritual counseling



1. D

2. Allow Natural Death.

3. 1, 5, 2, 4, 3, 6

4. Occupational therapy—YES; Physical therapy—YES; Social service—YES; Speech therapy—YES; Spiritual counseling—NO, this is usually done by requested referral

Connor is exhausted by the end of his first clinical day but has reaffirmed that this is indeed what he wants to do!


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