Fast Facts for the Clinical Nursing Instructor: An Interview With the Authors


In this author video, listen as Eden Zabat-Kan and Susan Stabler-Haas discuss the main features of their book and demonstrate how their easy-to-use guidelines will serve as an invaluable resource for the clinical nursing instructor.

With over 36 years of combined teaching experience, authors Zabat-Kan and Stabler-Haas provide insight and real-life advice for the clinical nursing instructor in their book, Fast Facts for the Clinical Nursing Instructor: Clinical Teaching in a Nutshell. Balanced between clinical application and theoretical knowledge, the book offers a comprehensive overview on how to approach the day-to-day projects and responsibilities of a clinical nursing instructor. The authors address a wide-range of topics, answering frequent concerns such as how to engage a student who is struggling with the material and ways to develop relationships with fellow clinical staff. Every chapter ends with a concise summary, or “Fast Facts in a Nutshell,” that recapitulates the chapter’s main takeaways and serves as an easy-to-find tool for the busy clinical nursing instructor. Because of its practical advice and user-friendly structure, the book presents pertinent information for both newcomers to the field and for seasoned faculty members who are looking to improve the clinical experience for their students.