The Truth Behind DiabetesNearly 26 million children and adults in the United States are living with diabetes, and recent estimates project that by 2050, as many as 1 in 3 American adults will have diabetes. These estimates come as a sobering reminder that diabetes remains a serious threat to the well-being and health conditions of countless American families unless significant preventive efforts are taken.

November is Diabetes Awareness Month and advocacy groups around the world are working to raise awareness and encourage communities to stop diabetes in its tracks. On the national level, the American Diabetes Association launched a special November campaign entitled, “A Day in the Life of Diabetes.” The campaign brings a human touch to this insidious disease by asking people to submit a picture that capture diabetes’ impact on their everyday lives. For every photo that is submitted, CVS will donate $1 to the efforts of the American Diabetes Association, up to $25,000. By bringing together powerful images of real people struggling with the disease, the campaign will create a mosaic of what it means to live with diabetes and what great strides families are making to stay healthy.

Internationally, World Diabetes Day is celebrated on November 17th by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), whose members represent more than 160 countries. To mark the event, the IDF organizes free diabetes screenings, group walks, sports events, and public information sessions. This year’s theme centers on increased availability of diabetes information, recognizing that proper education about the disease is the first step towards prevention.

Yet, anyone living with diabetes knows that staying healthy means more than just taking your medications on time. Diet, exercise, treatment, and lifestyle all play a factor in managing this disease. A wide range of organizations, from the American Diabetes Association to Everyday Health, offer fast tips and tricks to help you stay on track. Topics include:

Springer Publishing offers several books specializing in the treatment and concepts surrounding diabetes. From a nurse’s guide to teaching diabetes self-management, to an ethnographic look at diabetes’ prevalence in minority communities, these books can serve as a foundation for your own comprehensive research and education.

If you are or a loved one is living with diabetes, how has the disease impacted your daily life? Share your tips and experiences with us!