National Nurses Week is the perfect time to recognize a nurse's dedication, humility and kindness.  Every year from May 6-12, nurses from around the country are recognized for their selfless work and commitments made to their communities. The celebrations culminate on May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale.  This year during National Nurses Week, we asked our Facebook fans to submit captions for three iconic images of Cherry Ames, a beloved character whose nursing adventures have shaped the lives and memories of countless nurses.  We picked our top favorites and gave each winner $25 off their next nursing book.  Think you could have come up with a better caption?  Let us know, or tell us your top favorite in the comment section below!

Final Hilton Nurse

First caption submitted by Sheryl Robinson.

Final Mystery NurseSecond caption submitted by Freda Lambert.

Final Flight NurseThird caption submitted by Emily Viers.