In this monthly feature, we collect a few excerpts from reviews of our books.  Here is a sampling of our recent book reviews:

Foundations of Forensic Vocational Rehabilitation, edited by Rick Robinson Ph.D., MBA, LMHC, CRC, CVE, NCC, D/ABVE

 "[L]ikely to be attractive and helpful to experienced occupational therapists practicing in the vocational rehabilitation field, and particularly those who combine this with medico-legal work. The book's style is such that it is accessible yet detailed... If you are an occupational therapist working in the tribunal or medico-legal systems, as well as vocational rehabilitation, then this book would be a useful accompaniment to your practice." -- Jain Holmes, British Journal of Occupational Therapy

Global Aging: Comparative Perspectives on Aging and the Life Course, by Suzanne R. Kunkel PhD, Frank J. Whittington PhD, and J. Scott Brown PhD

"This book is exemplary in amassing demographic, policy, and sociopsychological data from around the world to refute both premises: that countries' aging is not occurring in developing nations and that aging of the population presents intractable predicaments. The content of the book is rich with current information seldom accumulated into one source. For a scholar of aging studies, the topics are comprehensive, including demographics, political systems, health and long-term care provision, employment/retirement, and formal and informal support systems. Structurally, the book adds value with the inclusion of Web resources and a robust index. The design is conducive for a classroom setting by incorporating discussion questions and key words at the end of each chapter." -- Dr. Carol A. Gosselink, PsycCritiques

Fast Facts for Health Promotion in Nursing: Promoting Wellness in a Nutshell, by Carol A. Miller MSN, RN-BC

"Every chapter achieves its objectives...This book is truly a quick reference tool, combining the facts from many chapters in nursing textbooks and applying a holistic approach to care and promotion. The author scales down the ''need to know'' of patient care while integrating health promotion opportunities within multiple nursing assessments and interventions. I would recommend this book to a nurse or nursing student for its practicality for any clinical specialty and level of experience." --Kristy Gorman, Clinical Practice and Education Specialist, University of Maryland, Journal for Nurses in Professional Development

Differential Diagnosis for the Advanced Practice Nurse, by Jacqueline Rhoads PhD, APRN-BC, CNL-BC, PMHNP-BE, FAANP and Marilee Murphy Jensen MN, ARNP

"Developing a comprehensive differential diagnosis for a specific complaint is a daunting task even for experienced advanced practice nurses. This user-friendly clinical guide provides a strategy or standard format for working through this complex task. It is a wonderful tool for both student and new advanced practice nurses." -- Score: 100, 5 stars, Kathleen M. Woodruff, DNP, Doody's Book Reviews

Curriculum Development and Evaluation in Nursing, Third Edition by Sarah B. Keating MPH, EdD, RN, C-PNP, FAAN

"This is a detailed yet practical guide to planning, developing, and evaluating nursing curricula and educational programs. It provides a comprehensive and critical perspective on the totality of variables impacting curricular decisions... This book provides readers with a comprehensive overview of curriculum development, redesign, and evaluation processes and exposes them to the variables impacting curricular decisions."-- Score: 92, 4 stars -- Kathleen A. Poindexter, PhD, MSN, RN, CNE, Doody's Book Reviews

Family Practice Guidelines, Third Edition, by Jill C. Cash MSN, APN, FNP-BC and Cheryl A. Glass MSN, WHNP, RN-BC

“Both editors have done a wonderful job in building upon the previous versions of this book to create an exceptionally comprehensive resource... Healthcare continues to evolve at an extremely fast pace and it is with excellent resources like this that primary care providers can continue to provide quality care." Score: 100, 5 stars--Doody’s Book Reviews

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Board Review, Third Edition, by Sara J. Cuccurullo, MD

"This book does an excellent job and is currently the only known review book for physiatrists. The author has done it again, producing an excellent, concise resource that provides clinicians with an optimal solution for studying for the written board examination." -- Alan Anshel, MD, Doody's Book Reviews