Quality Caring in Nursing and Health SystemsWe recently talked with Dr. Joanne Duffy about her new book, the second edition of Quality Caring in Nursing and Health Systems. Watch the first clip below for Dr. Duffy’s perspectives on why the book needed to be written. In the second clip, Dr. Duffy discusses how the role of quality caring is changing in health care and offers some calls to action from the book to help viewers promote quality caring in their practice. In addition to its power to enhance patient health, Dr. Duffy also believes that quality caring benefits nurses and health care providers themselves, a perspective she shares in the third clip.

About the Book:

This edition stresses the proven need for a return to the patient-centered care neglected through our health system's emphasis on procedures, protocols, diagnostic testing, technology, and costs. It addresses the significant challenges to quality care posed by the upcoming changes in our health care system, and focuses on health systems, the role of nursing within them, and the interprofessional health team as the key to change ensuring high quality care. The book responds to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act's focus on accountable care organizations, the recent IOM's Future of Nursing Report, the call for radical transformation of nursing education, and current evidence on patient safety and quality of care.

Dr. Duffy on Why Her Book Needed to be Written

Dr. Duffy on the Changing Role of Quality Caring and Calls to Action for its Promotion

Dr. Duffy Explains the Benefit of the Quality Caring Model to Nurses Themselves

About the Author:

Joanne R. Duffy PhD, RN, FAAN, is the West Virginia University Hospitals Endowed Professor of Research and Evidence-based Practice at the Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV, and an adjunct Professor at the Indiana University School of Nursing in Indianapolis, IN. Dr. Duffy has coordinated three graduate nursing programs and was a former Division Director of a school of nursing. She actively teaches nursing theory, research, and leadership in PhD, DNP, and honor programs and directs dissertations and scholarly projects. She has held various administrative positions directing medical, rehabilitation, critical care, emergency, and transplantation nursing services at both community and academic medical centers. She also directed a Center for Outcomes Analysis, a nurse-led department for improving the quality of cardiovascular services. She has published extensively across the nursing literature, but is best known for her work in maximizing patient outcomes. Dr. Duffy was the first to link nurse caring to patient outcomes, designed and tested multiple versions of the Caring Assessment Tool, and developed the Quality Caring Model. Her book, Quality Caring in Nursing: Applying Theory to Clinical Practice, Education, and Research, received the AJN book of the year award in 2009. Dr. Duffy was the PI or co-investigator for several important projects and clinical trials, has held leadership positions with various nursing organizations, and has received several nursing awards.