In this weekly feature, the editors of SpringBoard highlight one career in the health care professions–including a basic description, educational requirements, core competencies/key skills needed, and related web sites and professional organizations where you can find more information!

101 Careers in Healthcare Management JOB DESCRIPTION

Community Resource Advisors play an integral role in providing information for services to patients during and after their inpatient stay. This position works with elderly patients 60 years and older, disabled patients 22 and older, and the respective patients’ families. These advisors offer free, unbiased information so that patients and their caregivers can make informed decisions after the patient’s stay. This position will make recommendations to the patient about available options for long-term care, housing services, and even home care services. Community Resource Advisors will meet patients and their caregivers at the hospital, in physician offices, rehabilitation centers, community settings, and at home.


This position will often require a bachelor’s degree in related field, such as social work or nursing. Individuals considering this position should be willing to obtain a social work license. Previous experience working as a case manager for 5 to 10 years with the elderly and disabled populations is desirable. Knowledge of home care resources and the services associated with these populations is also helpful.


  • Excellent communication skills, as this position requires working with patients, patients’ family members, and medical staff
  • Familiarity with long-term care service options and community resources
  • Ability to travel to various locations within a community
  • Superior writing skills to develop information packets
  • Comfort with working in various medical environments
  • Demonstrated ability to research relevant services for patients on websites
  • Knowledge of state and federally subsidized programs and resources
  • Ability to work with a multidisciplined team of doctors, nurses, and patients


Community Resource Advisors should expect to make $40,000 to $65,000. Experience and the level of responsibility will affect the position’s salary. Those working in for-profit organizations will tend to make more than advisors in not-for-profit organizations.


Community Resource Advisors can prevent nursing home placements, saving the state and federal government thousands of dollars per patient each month. Realizing these savings will be integral if these positions will continue to receive financial support.


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